Study visits

Study visit in The Land of Extinct Volcanoes

What is the purpose of a study visit ?

A study visit is an opportunity for gaining practical knowledge and drawing on experience of people and organization, who managed to succeed in their field. During the visit we share our knowledge, which we collected for years of our own activity, also on the basis of our tries and mistakes. You won’t find this kind of knowledge in the books.

We do not conduct external lectures, instead we invite to us everyone who would like to use our knowledge. It is important to see the results of our work on site, understand the effort put into the development of various projects, and bring realistic ideas and inspirations to your communities.

For whom is the study visit ?

Active local communities and organizations operating in rural areas will benefit most from our study visit, especially groups of local leaders, NGO activists and representatives of local cross-sectoral partnerships (e.g. grouped in Local Action Groups). We too, started  15 years ago as a small, local partnership, as a group of people who want to change something in their region. Thanks to this, we are able to understand not only your needs and visions, but also doubts and fears.

Why it is worth to visit Dobków ?

We are one of few regions in Poland, where we managed to join activities of local government, business and social sector into one, well-functioning cooperation network. Members of our partnership prefer cooperation rather than competition, understanding the effect of synergy and the positive image that comes from it. Visitors to our region are impressed by our agreement and systematic work for facilitation. Summary: The Land of Extinct Volcanoes brand is an idea that does not fall with strength, without limitation on changing financial possibilities. Visitors to our region are impressed by our agreement and systematic work towards common goals

Last but not least, the Land of Extinct Volcanoes brand is an idea that was developed regardless of changing financial possibilities, thanks to local community determination.

During the study visit you can meet and visit:

  • The Kaczawskie Association, a local public benefit organization (NGO) that develop and coordinate cooperation in the region. We invite you to the Sudeten Educational Center, which is devoted to earth sciences and geological heritage of the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills. It is also the only Lower Silesian educational institution run without constant financial support, e.g. local governments or business.
  • The village of Dobków, which has already many successes thanks to commitment of its residents and their activity in the field of development and promotion of small business and touristic. In 2011 Dobków won the prize for the most beautiful village in Lower Silesia Voivodship and in the 2017 received European Award for Rural Development and Village Renewal. Dobków belong also to the Network of most interesting villages in Poland
  • The Rudniccy family: ceramics artists who have been running their own studio, called “Gallery under the Angel” (in polish: Galeria pod Aniołem), since 12 years. Each year they receive thousands of guests at interesting and stimulating workshops.
  • The Zawierucha family: experienced educators, certified herbalists – phytotherapists and craftsmen who share the secrets of producing natural cosmetics or dishes from wild plants with guests. They have been running educational farm “Green Volcano” (in polish: Zielony Wulkan) for 8 years in the village Rzeszówek.
  • The Rozpędowscy family: the owners of the “Villa Greta” guest house and restaurant, who successfully run lodging and catering activities in the former farm of their grandparents, in the spirit of Slow Food and Slow Life. Thousands of guests appreciate the excellent service and beautiful surroundings. Moreover, the restaurant, thanks to its excellent cuisine, has been included in the prestigious Gault & Millau Polska guide for the fifth time.
  • Marcin Jaśkiewicz: Geologist and educator, a great fan of minerals and geological history of the Earth. Organizes and conducts geological workshops that attract hundreds of guests each year. His activity is an example of a small, one-man company based on the geological attractions of the region

To arrange a study visit, please contact Julia Jankowska:

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